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White Snow Parka

$425.00 USD

Deadstock Military Snow Parka

Hand painted by an Artisan in Brooklyn and up cycled to bring a new life to this Parka.  Off white Parka is a limited edition style with limited stock. Every garment is different.  A true one of a kind. 

This garment was originally used in the U.S military as a winter camouflage and protective outer shell to be worn over uniform in combat.  Our artisan has sewn functional pockets in to this jacket so it can be worn every day. 


One size fits all.

Original tag has size small.  Though as this piece was used as an outer shell to be worn on top of garments.  It is over sized.  Parka fits a size S,M,L XL,XXL.

Care & Info

Machine wash cold. Air Dry

80 % Cotton / 20 % Nylon

Wind resistant and water repellent.