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Swonne- Souring Journal Interview On Sustainability

Posted on June 18 2019

sourcing Journey interview with Swonne

Swonne is a new sustainable men’s apparel brand that debuted as part of the CFDA’s Men’s Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2019. Designer and founder Katie Golinczak says all of Swonne’s pieces contain natural fibers, and the company is committed to playing its part toward a sustainable future.

“Our indigo T-shirts and sweatshirts are 100 percent cotton,” Golinczak said. “Our jeans are made of the finest Japanese and American denim woven from recycled yarns, return cotton, or dead-stock denims sourced in the USA. If we use blends, there is a reason for it. We select fabrics with 1-to-2 percent blends only for comfort.”

The Swonne collection is produced using sustainable production processes, such as water recycling, chemical control, and eco-friendly dyeing. Golinczak also said in embracing more natural fibers, the company is reducing its chemical usage and pollutions in the ocean.

Brands and retailers should also keep in mind that most consumers (62 percent) consider cotton clothes to be higher in quality, last longer and ultimately cost less, according to the Monitor™ research. The figure jumps to 75 percent among millennials.

That’s why the fledgling Swonne collection may hold appeal for today’s evolving consumer.

“Natural fibers originate from plants and animals,” Golinczak says, unlike “synthetic fibers that are made from chemicals. We are all for natural fibers. Swonne is committed to playing its part toward a sustainable future.”

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